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SOCI is a creative digital agency based in Southern California with a distinguished style of brand representation that focuses on the consumer experience. Dedicated to creative media solutions and optimum brand presence, SOCI has a diverse portfolio of unique leaders in the fields of fashion, health and lifestyle, hospitality, consumer products, dining, entertainment and beverage. We strategically position ourselves as an extension of our client’s internal sales and marketing team, working together to achieve a common goal. 

At SOCI we understand that relationships play a key role in successful marketing campaigns. We have spent years developing an impressive network of top editorial and advertising contacts across a broad range of media outlets. This allows SOCI to secure press and create tailored brand strategies on a national and regional level through print, electronic, viral, and social media, as well as provide media planning and purchasing at incomparable rates.

We specialize in a unique approach to promote brand visibility, PR exposure and media purchasing by exploring all facets of the ever-evolving media outlets. Social media is constantly evolving and changing and we are on top of every trend in the market to keep your company relevant and prosperous. We personally collaborate with each client in order to create sensible approaches to achieve both consistent and effective results.  We understand that each client is different; therefore, we create a tailored strategy unique just to you.

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