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Clients we have worked with

Our clients represent us so we choose only the best in every industry!

Bear Flag Fish Co.

Seafood Market & Restaurant in Newport Beach


Bear Flag Fish Co. is the seafood wonderland we all long for on idle summer days, a fish market-cum-restaurant where brilliant slabs of tuna glint like rubies and the spindrift of crashing waves hangs in the air. It’s minimalism at its seafaring best — Bear Flag understands that often all a fish needs is a satisfying char and the salty rush of a beach breeze.- LA Times


Crow Burker Kitchen

Gastropub & Burger Bar in Newport Beach & The Crow Bar and Kitchen Gastropub and Restaurant in Corona Del Mar


It is called a GASTROPUB, a British term for a public house (pub) which specializes in high-quality food, steps above the more basic "pub grub”.


Juice Crafters

A family owned business which uses raw gourmet, 100% natural ingredients to prepare some of the most amazing freshly pressed juices in the world. We also serve powerhouse smoothies that will bring vitality to your life and introduce you to a completely new lifestyle that delivers better body performance and well-being.

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