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Clients we have worked with

Our clients represent us so we choose only the best in every industry!
Stade Co 
Mens & Womens Boutique 

South Coast Plaza


Remember The Closet? Miss it? Well don't worry; the owner of what once was The Closet, Billy Stade, just opened his new store, Stade Co, at South Coast Plaza. In the way that Billy made The Closet a staple for Southern California fashion, he has been successful in producing the same vibe for Stade Co. The store carries popular brands RVCA, Commune, OBEY, Oakley, and many, many more. Not only can you spend hours in this chic, modern and fashion forward store but you can also get your hair cut and styled! Preme Hair is the salon in the back half of Stade Co, it is a state of the art salon that offers the best in hair care and styling.


Luxury mens barber shop & spa ​in Beverly Hills


​​Where is the best place to get a shave in Los Angeles? Los Angeles Magazine just chose The Shave of Beverly Hills to their best of Los Angeles list. The Shave of Beverly Hills is an updated version of the old barbershop, complete with the revolving barber pole. They do the classic shave routine complete with the straight razor and the hot towel. The plethora of flat screen TVs make it just a bit different from the old-fashioned barbershops.

C by Karina

Eyewear Boutique in Beverly Hills


​​If eyes are the windows to one’s soul, choosing the right shades to represent your personal style come with heavy responsibility. Enter Karina Leigh. The owner of luxe eyewear boutique C By Karina in Beverly Hills, California has more than 20-years in the business of buying and styling some of Hollywood’s most paparazzied eyes (Kanye West, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Duff and Nicole Ritchie to name a few). And after Lady Holiday met with the stylish babe, we’re calling Karina your go-to girl for the perfect

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