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How to Be Popular on Social Media

Social media has rapidly increased in popularity, so much so that it can be easy for your business to get lost in the shuffle. As a result, it is important to have a competitive advantage. By utilizing the following social media marketing strategies, your business will no longer have trouble standing out in the crowd.

Share at the optimal times.

Once you know when the highest percentage of your audience is online, you’ll be able to share content at the right time to get the maximum exposure. According to Fast Company, the best time to post on Facebook and Twitter is during the afternoon slump (1-4pm). Other sources claim that it is best to post before 8am. To determine what works for your business, LikeAlyzer is a free tool that can be used to determine the best times to share links via social media.

Try social media advertising.

While social media is free for all, you have the opportunity to take it up a notch with social media ads. Using Facebook ads or a promoted Tweet are proven ways to increase website traffic and brand recognition.

Use quality images.

Social media networks emphasize visual content. Accordingly, each one of your posts should have an image that captures the attention of your audience. Clean, professional, creative images will give your post (and your business) credibility.

Engage, engage, engage.

Interacting with existing and potential customers will drive them to your site and increase brand exposure. Due to the fact that successful social media relies on connecting with people, it is important to join the conversation and to be as involved as possible on a consistent basis. Focus on Facebook as it is where consumers spend most of their time online.

Hashtags: #usethem

While the hashtag phenomenon may have started on Twitter, it is now commonplace to use it on just about any social media platform. If you want your posts to be seen by more people, using hashtags will most certainly help. However, the success of this technique is reliant on proper hashtagging. In other words, keep it simple and make every hashtag count. To keep track of what other people in your industry are posting, use a hashtag tracking tool like Tagboard, Keyhole, or Nitrogram.

Get help from an expert.

At SOCI, we are dedicated to creative media solutions and optimum brand presence. We specialize in a unique approach to promote brand visibility, PR exposure and media purchasing by exploring all facets of the ever-evolving media outlets. Social media is constantly evolving and changing and we are on top of every trend in the market to keep your company relevant and prosperous. Contact us today at





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