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Top 5 Traits Every Social Media Manager Should Have

1) Storytelling Ability: In an age of information overload, storytelling is an underused yet effective skill. Because humans love to hear stories, this is an excellent way to stand out, connect with people, and drive engagement.

2) Pop Culture Awareness: While scheduling tweets and Instagram posts make social media managing more...manageable, make sure you adjust content according to the latest buzz. Knowing what’s happening inside and outside of social will increase the virility of your digital marketing campaigns.

3) Multi-tasking Ability: A social media manager must have the ability to effortlessly pull off multiple hats, including: Public Relations Pro, Quantitative and Qualitative Analyst, Digital Maven, and Writer. The best social media managers know that it’s necessary to go above and beyond to avoid falling into the “unfollow” category.

4) Editorial/Journalism Skills: With blogging now a key component to a successful social media strategy, attention to detail is a must. The ability to generate retweet-worthy content is an important trait every social media manager should have.

5) Social Grace: The best social media managers know that they are only as good as the people around them, which is why they remain curious and ask questions. Moreover, they are attentive to their online communities and discuss ideas with patience and kindness.

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