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Top 10 Social Media Tips

Marketing has come a long way since the days of Web 1.0. Rather than the one-way medium of the past, participation, sharing, and collaboration are encouraged. As a result, successful companies have transitioned from traditional marketing to web-based software and services. Unless your business has been operating under a rock, you've probably adopted this digital method too. However, are you using it the right way? Whether you're a social media amateur or a web-savvy elitist, the following ten tips are sure to help you succeed.

1. Be consistent.

In order to see positive results, it is important to post on a regular basis. Posting once a day or even once a week (depending on the channel) will generate traffic, attract new followers, and promote lasting relationships.

2. Use hashtags strategically.

It's time to start taking hashtags more seriously. Using a well-formulated hashtag can expose your content to an audience you would have never reached had you not used that magic pound sign. For best results, use a hashtag that correlates with your social media marketing campaign and is easy to spell.

3. Develop blog posts.

A blog (acronym of weB LOG) is an important marketing tool because it can add a personal element to your business while giving your readers valuable information they can use. Furthermore, with so many free, easy-to-use blogging platforms available, setting up a blog is now an easy way to increase SEO.

4. Market across a variety of social platforms.

Use the full media mix for full exposure. By regularly sharing on multiple social platforms, you will reach a greater number and variety of consumers.

5. Use a scheduling service.

Using a scheduling service for your social media posts can save time and keep you at the top of your game when life gets a little crazy. Schedugram, Edgar, and Hootsuite are lifesavers.

6. Build relationships.

When users give you feedback, let them know that you appreciate it. By following up and making a real effort to engage with the community, you will usually find that they are more than happy to engage with you in return.

7. Post at the right times.

While there is no simple answer as to when is the perfect time to post, it is possible to make an estimate based on social media analytics and the behavioral patterns of your target market. Do your research to get results.

8. Make your posts easy to share.

If it's easy to click and share your post, someone is more likely to do so. You can achieve this by always providing visible links to other social media sites.

9. Always use eye candy.

Did you know that using visuals can double the effectiveness of your post? People are attracted to colorful, professional, interesting images because they're easy to digest. By using a high-definition visual in your post, you are likely to get the viewer's attention. Mission accomplished.

10. Respect your audience.

Always be respectful to your fellow community. Remember that it's okay to diagree. While it's not always easy to take the high road when dealing with a difficult individual, stay positive and don't take impolite comments personally.

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